YOUFIE ~ noun Antonym: Selfie, The name for taking a photo of someone else. Synonyms: YOUFIEoké, YOUTOOTH, YOUFIEMATON LARDONNEZ-MOI ~ An idiomatic expression used against another person who may be sunbathing on a public right-of-way.

New Statue was also a solo exhibiton at Le Club, Nîmes. Which featured art works extracted from the internet site. Throughout the opening people were welcome to take part in the Youfieoké. Pop song with a Youfie twist. Youfie tokens were exchanged for the services of a Youfie-taker. Philosophy merchandise was on sale in English, Italian, Greek and Russian. And there was an official youtube tutorial on how to smile officially on an identity photo (Youfie).


New Statue (expo)

Le Club, Nîmes

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