Chalk and Cheese Boards

Chalk and Cheese Boards (detail) 2018 

Wood engravings, paint and chalk

I wrote a song ‘Tommy Crayeuse’ in two parts which celebrated the ‘chalky’ cheese Tomme Crayeuse and performed it with an installation of the Chalk & Cheese boards. In addition i made a video featuring the multi-shaped boards and some fake cheeses.

Chalk and Cheese boards was made in the search for different forms of ‘storyboard’. This follows on from a drawing I made called ‘My first storyboard’ which presented coloured shapes which replaced standard rectangle vignettes. This version existed as a collection of novel storyboards which could be used simultaneously as chalk and cheese boards. This comes from the english idiom to be like.. chalk and cheese; meaning two things that first appear similar but are actually quite the opposite. This was a semi-concious notion employed when considering the French and english attitudes to cheese, espescially how to cut them / how not to.

Chalk and Cheese Boards, 2018

(Above) Installation of wood engravings, paint and chalk, (Left) Art Action of ‘Tommy Crayeuse' Belsunce Projects, Marseille

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