Indoor Fireworks/ Made of Stone 

Are you made of stone?

 The diagram above shows the movement of a ‘cyclistandbike’ between ‘pedestrianstones’. Due to the velocity we recognise much less of the ‘cyclistandbike’ than the ‘pedestrianstones’. The diagram was used to produce another visual representation of this metaphysical representation of movement. This time revealed yet again a different set of visual attributes, made out of clay and set to a colourful background they resembled a set of indoor fireworks. An anti-climax of pathetic implosions resulting in greyish-brown poo shapes.

Made of Stone 2016 Digital drawing

Indoor fireworks, 2016, Clay sculptures, acrylic on board, 45 x 21.4cm (surface of board)

View of installation, Espace GT, Marseille

Indoor fireworks , were later made into a digital collage which was subsequently printed as a 500 piece puzzle.