To begin with, i treat my practice of art as my orientation for living. I have a strict neccesity to treat the everyday as a position from which to create art. Situations that arise from the everyday are not always planned, they are intersections where multiple forces (human or otherwise) collide.

There is a distinct difference between intention and action. Intention is a thought process coming from memory of lived experience aswell as the desires of a human. Actions enter into our physical reality.

This consideration can seem basic, however it gives and important standing point for creating a perception beyond our own flesh. This can be treated as some ideal root of my artistic approach, after which there are many branches with magisculed words.



The body can be used as a performative tool. Making actions with the intention of calling it art.


Transmit feeling, can be at once political, subversive, poetic.


As an artist there must be a consideration of what will become of the art work, what will be the repercussions of it's creation upon other people. Where will it enter.


The freedom to create uncompromised ideas as a form of hope.


Continuing on from what we percieve to be the truth, our own perception is microscopic in proportion to everything else that we don't understand or yet know about.


Language creates the signposts for meaning, often with little accuracy. Language is used equally to communicate as to exclude.


A device to play with the field of meaning between all of the above.


My current work focusses on the dual relationship i have between English and French cultures. Bilingualism is an opportunity to pose questions on the two cultures but also the use of language becomes a metaphor on a global scale. Since my arrival in France in 2012 i have made work of various mediums including : Video Installation, ballades, interventions in public spaces, painting, a rap song, computer drawings, sculptural installation.


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